Videos from the 2023 OEVA National Drive Electric week EV Test Drive and Information Expo

Our thanks to Dennis Wright of the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (WAAAM) in Hood River for the delightful video that they recorded at the event and shared with us. And thanks to Brian White of the My Tesla Weekend YouTube channel who not only gave three fascinating presentations, but his team recorded the talks by all of the presenters, and he is in the process of having them professionally edited and hosted on his YouTube channel. Thanks also to Hannah Morrison of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, and to OEVA members Gary Exner, Ron Jackson, and Michael Johnston for their talks (Michael's talk and one of Brian's talks didn't get edited. We'll include them below if they become available).

views of the Expo, Then WAAAM Volunteer Tony Ackerman and OEVA Web Admin Ron Jackson Chat While Riding in the 1914 Detroit Electric 

Brian White of My Tesla Weekend Details EV Battery Performance

Hannah Morrison of the Portland Bureau of Transportation gives an overview of Portland's Electrification Plans

OEVA Past President Gary Exner Explains EV Incentives

Brian White of My Tesla Weekend reveals how to charge for Free!

OEVA Web Admin Ron Jackson gives a somewhat amusing talk comparing Gas cars to EV's, and busts some myths about charging