The 2024 OEVA Board

The board was elected by the members at the February 2024 general meeting and serves for one year. We are responsible to the membership for setting the club priorities and direction, organizing events and activities, and for meeting the requirements of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You may email to the entire board at Board@oeva.org, or to individuals using their @oeva.org email addresses. We're still getting tasks lined up for the board members, so not all members have yet been assigned their @oeva.org email addresses and leadership roles.

Peter Hoeckel

Ask Program Coordinator

My goal is to enlist all the help I can get so that we can grow the club; identify and sign up interesting venues for our monthly meetings, and run our large EV test drive events in the spring and fall.  I value all suggestions. I also coordinate the Ask@oeva.org program.

Hitting 13 years of driving EVs this year (Leafs, Bolts, Model 3, and a couple others).

Ron Jackson

Vice President
Web Administrator
Mentor Coordinator

I assist the President and fill in when he is not available. Most of my time is spent on the website, writing Announce@oeva.org emails, and OEVA printed materials. I also coordinate the Mentor program.

I drive a Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Karl Boekelheide


I process memberships, keep track of club funds, and make regulatory filings.

I have driven over 200,000 miles in EVs starting with a 2011 Leaf. I drive a Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Bill Meyer


I maintain the club minutes and records, the club's odd-job bureaucrat. I stream our monthly General Meetings for members who can't attend in person.

I favor efficient transportation for the masses, so I'm all-in for BEV - awaiting something better.

I drive a lease-return 2015 Leaf.

Paul Burkey

Events Coordinator

I coordinate our participation in community events, schedule volunteers, and normally participate at these events.

I have several early EV project cars: a 2000 Corbin Sparrow and two 1996 Ford Ranger electric pickup trucks that need batteries and other work.

Morris Green

Board Member

I strive to create a fun atmosphere where we can share our love for EVs with others and answer any questions about EVs that people have.  And it’s fun to get together and just talk, too!

Our family has a 2013 Leaf, a 2018 Tesla Model 3, and a 2020 Leaf. 

Tom Ma

Board Member

Rob Grove

Board Member

I am excited to be on the OEVA board to help drive EV adoption through education, regular meetings, and special events like the test drive events and other clean energy community events.

We have 2 EV’s in our family, a 2022 Ford Lightning and a 2021 Polestar 2.

2023 Special Projects

Here are some members who are doing special projects for the OEVA.

Sham Datta

Information Technologist

For my Intel Encore Fellowship I am supporting the new oeva.org website development and moving the OEVA's information technology to the Google Workspace for Nonprofits platform.

I drive a Toyota SUV which I converted to electric drive in 2015.

Patrick Connor

Media Manager

I monitor the oeva.org's Google Analytics, and conduct advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the site through Google Adwords using ad credits donated to the OEVA each month by Google for our Google Workspace for Nonprofits account.

I drive a Tesla Model X.