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Joining the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) is a great way to help promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the Portland area and beyond. As a member, you're part of a community of enthusiastic owners of all EV makes and models who are passionate about sharing the benefits of EVs.

Our monthly meetings are a great place to connect with other EV enthusiasts, see the latest EVs, share stories and experiences, and learn tips and advice to make the most of your electric vehicle. Find out the latest information about new vehicles, state and federal incentives, utility rebate programs and more that can save you money and make your EV drives more enjoyable.

Our meetings are the Second Thursday of every month. The board meets at 6:30 PM, and all members are welcome to attend. The general membership meeting is from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and is open to the public. Everyone is welcome here. We meet at different EV locations around the Portland metro area. Our June 2023 meeting was at Tesla on Macadam, July was at Polestar in NW Portland, August was at BMW Portland in the Goose Hollow neighborhood, September was at Herzog-Meier VW in Beaverton. You've got the idea, we get around! See our Events page to find out our next monthly meeting location.

Do you love talking about your EV? Members can participate in events and activities that promote EVs and educate the public about their benefits. Join the OEVA and volunteer at our public outreach events as an EV advocate. Share your experience with people who are looking into making the switch from gas to clean, electric transportation.

The OEVA works closely with utilities, policymakers and other stakeholders to promote policies that support the growth of EVs. As a member, you support and can help shape the conversation around EVs and have a direct impact on the future of transportation in Oregon.

Joining the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association is an excellent way to support the growth of the EV market, stay informed about the latest developments, and connect with other EV enthusiasts. By joining, you are taking an active role in the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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OEVA membership is $20 per year. You can pay with PayPal (cash, echeck, credit card) using the buttons above. You will also be sent a reminder from PayPal when it is time to renew. When you cancel your subscription, the reminders will stop. The renewal amount is $20.00. The OEVA pays the $0.91 PayPal fee.

Or you can join the OEVA by US Mail using the printable form below. Mail to:

10100 SW Riverwood Lane
Tigard, Oregon 97224

Printable OEVA Membership form

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is an independent chapter of the national Electric Vehicle Association.