The OEVA is all about our members sharing from their experience. In these stories some of our members with EV's of different makes and models. They share how they use and charge them, what they love (and maybe what they don't like so much) about their particular models, and the sort of person they would recommend consider their type of car. Our members also share their EV travel adventures, their projects restoring EVs, and converting gas cars to electric drive.

Not only do they love their Tesla Model 3 as a daily driver around town, but they love to do all-day Sunday Drives and long road trips--the longest being a 4,500 mile drive between their home in Portland and a cabin in northern Minnesota. Ron is a fount of knowledge about Tesla's, and shares many little-known tidbits about his favorite car.

EV's have come a long way in 26 years. But when you can get an EV for free, and you like to tinker, well, that's not a deal you can pass up. Read Tony Foley's delightful adventure bringing back to life and driving a Solectria Force (a professionally EV converted Geo Metro).

Gasoline costs are going up and up, what to do? Maybe leasing an EV is the solution. Though forced into an EV by high gas prices, the sprightly little BMW i3 stole Tony's heart, and his wife's heart too. But what do you do when you get a bit too daring with that 80 mile range and run out of juice a mile from home? Tony's electrical ingenuity comes into play.